Flip That House in Orange County?

As I work with many real estate investors that both buy and hold and do what insiders know as “flipping” I thought this would be interesting to share. A&E is looking for new cast members for their popular reality tv show. If you fit the bill please read on, I think Orange County would be a great place to feature star investors making good investments really fast.

Wanted: ‘Star Flippers’
If you buy and sell numerous houses each year and work with incredible, dynamic people while you’re doing it, or if you know someone who fits that description, “Flip This House” wants to hear from you.

The producers of the hit A&E series are seeking high-volume “house flippers” to star in the show’s fourth season. Each episode follows people who buy homes cheap, make alterations big and small to give the house added value, then sell at a profit.

“Flippers should have real estate in their blood,” according to Joshua Koffman of Departure Films, the producer of the show. “They can be strong personalities. We want people who flip homes regularly — say 10 or more a year — because we want to follow the same people for multiple episodes.”

While the “flipper” is the main character the show, “Flip This House” also includes other members of his or her “team,” such as project managers, Realtors/brokers and contractors, etc. This season, A&E is specifically seeking an area in the Northeast and hopes to feature “classic” homes, although it is open to following the flip of any type of residential property. It is that search for “classics,” Koffman said, which makes New Hampshire so attractive.

The producers can usually allow two to six weeks per flip, depending on the work that needs to be done.

If you think you or someone you know would be right for the series, please respond to Joshua Koffman at Joshua@departure-films.com, to receive a complete questionnaire and further instructions.


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