Tips for Hardwood Floor Decorating in Orange County

I recently have seen many homes that are using hardwood floors in Orange County as wood often communicates simplicity, boldness, luxury and power without saying a word. However there are some tips that I believe will help remodelers make the most of their expensive flooring investment.

1. Balance of Design: The correct balance of colors, textures and shapes can make all the difference when designing your dream room. Be sure to include both lights and darks, large and small pieces of furniture and fixtures. This helps to promote harmony.

2. Display the best qualities: If you decide to use a bold or vivid color as a foundation, be sure to utilize equally bold textures, patten rs and furniture arrangements to match the tone of your color palette. Many Orange County residents live near the ocean and like the use of traditional white. White works well when it is complimented by bold wood flooring selections.

3. Avoid trying to please everyone: It may seem like a safe bet to place neutral colors all around your home. Sometimes, trying to be a crowd pleaser is just a bad as trying to be a color radical. Have you ever been inside of an all pink home? Or a new Pulte home, painted with Pulte Mist? I need a Tylenol!

4. Hit the local second hand shops: Thrift stores can be an excellent place to find great deals on antique furniture. Antiques often compliment wood flooring with a natural look and feel.

5. Be true to who you are: No matter what, design is a personal matter. Do not allow anyone to influence you into selecting a design that compromises your true self. Remember, you will have to live with your color selections for the long haul.

I hope this helps you in your quest to make your wood flooring look great.


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