Country Sink Demand Increases in Orange County

Demand for Country Sinks on the Rise in Orange County

Stainless steel or country sink A few years ago there was hardly a mention of the later. But today based on inquiries to the showroom, the demand of garden sinks is on the rise. I’d say about 20% of my new clients have expressed an interest in replacing their old sinks with the deep, ultra white and trendy country sink.

I contribute the rise in demand to these five factors:

1. Country sinks are usually deeper affording the kitchen to have more storage for washing dishes and other sink related projects.

2. Families are eating at home more now than ever before. I am not saying the restaurant business is in trouble, but rather with the internet, food channels and the Rachel Ray effect, more people have a desire to cook in their own homes.

3. Home owners are seeking to spot the new trend. If stainless steel is mainstream, there will always be those that want to go against the grain.

4. Organic vegetables and fruits. Organic produce usually requires more washing and the country sink seems a perfect match.

5. Finishing improvements. Today’s country sink comes with a variety of finishes that scratch resistant and easy to clean.

If you are in the market for a country sink and are in the Orange County area, stop by the showroom and lets discuss some options.


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