Our Hearts Go Out to the O.C. Fire Victims

Life is so precious and at any moment, you can go from rich to poor, loved to loveless or homeowner to homeless. Such is the case of many of my neighbors. Over the weekend many people in the neighborhood lost their homes, but from the reports on the news, loss of life, which is the ultimate measure of devastation was minimal, thank God.

To the families, we are praying for you. While we were fortunate to have our home survive the fires, I did have a real scare as I was at work when my children called me about the blaze. I can not remember ever driving as fast as I did that day to pick them up, but again, thank God everyone was ok.

If there is anything that the Signature Design Center can do for you, or me personally, please don’t hesitate to call. That offers stands and I ask the readers of this blog to pray for the families affected by the fire.


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