2009 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Kitchen Trends 2009

Kitchen Trends 2009

2009 brings the close of the 1st decade of the 21st century and with that, kitchen designs remain cyclical.  As oak cabinets found popularity earlier in the decade, they are now out of favor.  Many of our clients are still requesting Tuscan, European and Modern styles.

When it comes to specific features of the kitchen, the answers to what homeowners want varies depending on the region, client’s age and style of the home.

“We see everything,” says Terri Schmidt. “We’re still doing white cabinets. We’re seeing a lot of the European country trends, and at the same time, we’ll see more stylish looks, like Asian fusion.”

One of the most common features people tend to change is the cabinets. With a lot of work being done in older homes, wood tones still dominate the more traditional kitchens.

“Nobody’s using oak,” Contant says of the older, upper-middle-class neighborhoods his company works in. “Cherry and maple are the two most popular, and we’re seeing some interest in hickory.”

Atlanta Design & Build is finishing most of its cabinets with natural glazes to give them a more antique look. The company is also using a lot of two-tone cabinet designs, choosing a different color or style on cabinets around islands to contrast with the rest of the kitchen, Contant says. Full Story


3 Responses

  1. Kitchen cabinets and counter top is at the heart of kitchen remodeling. One way of creating the contrast in color would be to purchase the less expensive color and stain the cabinet to the desired color.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this topic. I truly appreciate it. Ill stick a link of this post in my website.

  3. I agree, natural oak is out-dated and out of favor with designers. However, this is a kitchen done in white oak stained a gorgeous slate grey.

    Natural oak, as a style choice, it out. Oak as a species is still in and affordable.

    Check it out: http://urbankitchenandbath.blogspot.com/2010/07/harbor-island-kitchen-remodel-tampa.html

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