2009 Bathroom Trends

2009 bathroom predictions

2009 bathroom predictions

What are most of my clients asking me this week?  Fred what do you see as the trends for 2009?  They often want to know because no one wants to have a dated home.  Orange County Home Remodeling is much different than that of nearly anywhere else in the counrty?  Why?  Because taste vary so greatly as do price ranges.  We had one client stop by the showroom for a quote that was near $200,000 for two bathroom remodel projects.  Later that day we serviced a young couple from Seal Beach that needed $400 in tile.

So I want to give you some good predictions for 2009 Bathroom Remodeling that fit well in the OC and the country in general.

Noisy Jacuzzis replaced by soaking tubs: The tub is far from dead, however; it’s just changing. “The more forward-thinking clients I work with have done the Jacuzzi” and now they often want a quiet, serene experience of a soaking tub, says Richard Landon, of Richard Landon Design in Bellevue, Wash. These jetless tubs are often deep, insulated tubs like those from Victoria + Albert. Notably missing: the huge amount of decking that typically surrounded many tubs installed in nicer homes in the ’80s and ’90s that “you could literally kill yourself trying to get in and out of,” Friedman says.

Let the light in: “The master bathrooms, they’re becoming sanctuaries,” says Jerry Kuther, director of custom home sales for award-winning Sun Forest Construction, a company in Bend, Ore., that builds custom homes and developments and also does remodels. People want master bathrooms to be brighter and more sun-filled than before, say Kuther and others. That means adding windows and even skylights to a bathroom. “We took one of our bedrooms in our little cottage house and turned it into a master bath” with several south-facing windows, says Kuther.

Steam bath: “The big thing in bathrooms is steam,” says Landon. “People are discovering how wonderful it is to come home at the end of the day and de-stress.” Landon favors a steam-room system by Steamist ($1,500-$5,000) that a homeowner can switch on in the garage upon arriving home (the steam room takes 10-15 minutes to heat up). The bathroom usually has to be reconfigured to include the following, says Landon:

In addition to these I also want to add that while many clients have not stopped requesting higher end bathroom remodeling, the fixtures going into them has tended to be much more retro and vintage.  Whether they are purchased that way or found at a local thrift store we are seeing many clients get creative to save money and bring personality to their bathrooms.

For Orange County residents looking for bathroom remodeling work, call for an appointment, Fred @ (714) 442-2798.


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