2009 Home Remodel Trends and Predictions

Retro and Vintage are now popular and in demand.  As I said in my previous post about 2009 Bathroom Remodeling, many of the clients coming into my showroom still want to use high end materials, but the trim is where they are looking to save money and define their unique personalities.  A good insight from MSN Real Estate confirms this trend:


In: Retro appliances

“Collectible, working appliances from the 1940s through the late 1980s” — think Coldspot refrigerators and double-stacked ovens — “have found a new niche among homeowners who appreciate their rock-solid construction and durability,” says Chicago Realtor Mark Nash. “It’s all about kitsch, but it’s highly functional kitsch.”

People are buying these older, warhorse appliances, which are sometimes available on eBay or in secondhand stores for as little as $100 — “and refurbishing and repainting them in bold colors such as metallic red, Nash says.

Another great example, is clients no longer wanting everything to match perfectly.  With the economy currently down, we are finding our clients request more remnants and excess to finish off a room instead of demanding uniformity.  You can see in this image how the chairs are off:

2009 home trends dining table and chair

2009 home trends dining table and chair

In: Mismatched dining-room chairs

“With people entertaining more of their friends at home instead of going out, they kind of want to do a quick update,” says Mark Nash, a Chicago-area Realtor who annually surveys nearly 900 real-estate agents across North America for his report, “What’s In, What’s Out with Homebuyers.”

“People are kind of over the ‘matchy-matchy’ look. It makes it very individual, and it’s not rocket science, either.” Plus, the chairs are often thrift-store finds. Or check out the relatively inexpensive chairs by CB2. Look for subtle similarities in the chairs — height, color, pattern — to give them a nice uniformity within their diversity.


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  1. Bought about 3 sets of the brushed silver/stainless steel looking square tile sets & put them all around my kitchen back splash & they look so good & were so so easy & fun to put up! They look way more expensive than they really were! My mother loves them so much she is buying her some!

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