Restaurant Kitchen at Home

cook at home and save money

cook at home and save money

As our economy is looking for its footing there is always a bright spot or two to be found.  As many families are eating at home a lot more, my family included, we are finding that are kitchens need updates and upgrades.


Americans have been cooking dinner at home more and eating out less since 2000, according to Harry Balzer, vice president of the market research firm NPD Group, which tracks people’s eating habits. In 2008, Balzer says, we made 243 dinners at home.

“It’s the thing we do,” he says. And it’s a trend we’d like to see continue.

Today we debut a monthly column on cooking on a budget, something many of us are concerned with in these days of shrinking 401(k)s.

We’ll give you tips and recipes from cooking experts to help stretch your food dollar. We also want input from you about what works in your own kitchen; we’ll print some of your tips, too.

The economy will eventually improve. Our hope is that you won’t stop cooking.


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