Orange County Kitchen Design Styles 2009

Orange County Kitchen Design Styles 2009

Kitchen Design Style - Martha Stewart KB Homes

Kitchen Design Style - Martha Stewart KB Homes

What never ceases to amaze me in Orange County are the never ending request from my clients to get not just a new kitchen makeover, but more often then not my clients want a kitchen that is completely different than any other kitchen on the market.   At the Signature Design Center in Anaheim California that is exactly what we specialize in; unique remodeling jobs for our unique clients.

With nearly two months of 2009 gone already, let me give you an update on some of the most popular kitchen design styles in Orange County and the country overall.

Kitchen Design Styles 2009

  • Return to Value: The biggest trend that I have noticed is clients demanding a return to value.  While we have come across some clients that have looked to their wallets to be their guide, many of our clients still want uniqueness and are willing to pay…however in 2009 if they spend $2500 on an appliance, they want assurances that the appliance will last 10 years time with no problems.  This places an importance on the quality of the manufacturer and the warranty.
  • Steel is in.  While stainless steel is a staple in many upscale and even entry level kitchens, steel is getting more exposure.  From back splashes, to wall coverings steel and metal is beginning to show up all over the kitchen.
stainless steel backsplash

stainless steel backsplash

  • The Kitchen As a Living Room– The wall between cooking area and dining area has come down, literally, as more consumers are knocking down walls and opening up what were once highly defined kitchens and formal dining rooms into one larger, more versatile space that can accommodate appliances, counter space, and ample room for eating in comfort or just fun family laze-arounds.  People are actually staying home to cook more so that means they want to be comfortable.

If you like discussing kitchen remodeling as much as I do, or have a project you are considering getting a quote for, give me (Fred the Remodeler) a call 714.289.2600 or stop by my showroom in Orange, CA. at 1010 north Batavia.


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