Appliance Trends in Orange County Kitchen Design

electrolux orange county homes

electrolux orange county homes

I found that the economy has made the most popular trend in kitchen appliances to be the one you’d expect to be the most obvious.  My clients now seek to have appliances that require the least amount of maintenance.  The expectation of having an appliance that will last for 10 years and be maintenance free is the single biggest trend I have noticed in consumer demand.

While appliance makers are focusing on reducing energy consumption, adding technology and becoming more creative in overall design, I have one piece of advice for you.  Don’t forget to keep your core product, the appliance working well  with little maintenance or you could soon be out of business.  In this economy it is not price that wins, but rather value.

Usually when you think value in kitchen appliances in Orange County we think Electrolux, Viking, GE and to some extent Maytage.


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