Orange County Bathroom Projects FAQ’s

Anaheim Bathroom Remodeling Job

Anaheim Bathroom Remodeling Job

Question: How much should I budget for my Orange County bathroom renovation project?

Answer: Every project is different and therefore has different budget considerations. Material selection can be a large factor in determining your budget. We recommend identifying what functions and layout you’d like to have. Once this happens, you can choose your materials and fixtures according to what you can afford and what your neighborhood market will bear.

Question: Can I change the entire layout of my bathroom during my renovation?

Answer: On a large-scale bathroom remodeling project, the bathroom layout can be changed to just about any configuration. However, it is often more affordable to let the plumbing layout of your present bathroom define your renovation. We would be happy to go over your options with you.

Question: How much can bathroom remodeling add to the value of my Orange County home?

Answer: When planning a bathroom renovation, you should consider the value of your house, what the neighborhood is like, and how much work needs to be done. As long as you spend responsibly, you can generally count on getting from 75-90% of your money back if and when you sell your home, and you get to enjoy your new bathroom in the meantime.

Anaheim project March

Anaheim project March 2009


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