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Eternity Construction located in Irvine is said to have over 25 years of experience in the area of home remodeling and construction in Orange County.  Very much like the service we offer at Signature Design Center, they use 3D modeling for their estimates.

We have found that their service area goes from Santa Barbara to San Diego, quite a large area for two showrooms.

We found a review on CitySearch, but it seemed not to be all that authentic, you decide what you think:

The service is amazing. The craftmanship is superb. Monty and his team are just the best; clean, prompt and curtious professionals. Eternity will take all the fear out of remodeling for anyone that hires this team. Eternities contracts are so well written there is no confusion of what you are paying for and their pricing is very competitive. When Eternity says they’ll be there, they are there!

Review Summary:  Eternity Construction in Agour Hills and Irvine are good choices for your remodeling needs.  When considering a quote from Eterntity Construction or, you can get a quote from them and then bring in that same quote to Signature Design Center to give us a chance to compete for your business.  While our prices at the Signature Design Center are competitive, we do not compete with low budget products and services.  Our products and service are of the highest quality.


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  1. Just an interesing fact I learned when I started remodeling my home. we needed a place to store all of our funriture while our home was being torn apart, we looked into buying or renting storage but i hated the idea of just throwing money away like thaT. W e found out that UHAUL sells out their USED UHAUL TRUCKS so we ended up purchasing one of those. Now not only do I have the storage but anytime we purchase new furniture or need to move we have the truck and dont have to spend the money on renting or delivery fees. it has worked well for us and just though I would share incase it might help anyone else out

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