Popular Home renovations: Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodelling

Kitchen Remodelling

The best place to start of with the Renovation is the Kitchen.  Many home owners choose this as the best option to spend money and invest their time in. Tim “Treeboy” Bush gets tips on kitchen remodeling and updating from one of the renovated home owner.

Steve Gray says, “I think that they had envisioned that they loved the house when they purchased it, but you know, it got to that point that the kitchen was really tired,”

Kitchen is considered to be one of the most expensive rooms in a house and is the place which most people think to remodel.

Gray says, “Master baths and kitchens are the most expensive remodels in a home”. These are the two important things that people look into when they sell/ buy a house. It is not necessary that the kitchens need to be large in size and have extensive remodeling possibility.

According to Gray, Kitchen’s lack in one aspect is that the storage part which is to be focused on. He says he has reconfigured his kitchen to fit the lifestyle of people.

“When it comes time to sell the house, they’ll walk into the kitchen and this will be the ‘wow’ factor that it takes to sell a house nowadays,” Gray said.

It is not necessary to remodel the entire kitchen to make it look new and attractive, even small things can bring about a change. Full Story…


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