Design a Classic Kitchen

Design a Classic Kitchen

Design a Classic Kitchen

The Remodeling magazine’s report “Cost vs. Value Report.” The kitchen remodeling costs around $56,611 and has become quite expensive. Spending money on a home improvement means it had better have a nice long life span.

When asked on how to get a kitchen that doesn’t rely on flash-in-the-pan trends or stodgy clichés and what exactly goes into a timeless kitchen?, Nate Berkus a designer, briefs regarding his ingredient list and a few style pointers.

Berkus along with his team believe in giving a kitchen beautiful bone structure. Alison Wilcox, project manager at Chicago’s Nate Berkus Associates states that, “There are certain parts of the house that don’t ever change,” The floors remain unchanged even if there is a remodeling in the kitchen or bathrooms.

Wilcox, Berkus and his team considers flooring and other unchanging materials “the bones” of a house.

Berkus’ sketch illustrates his clean-lined philosophy, from the cabinetry to the backsplash. Some of the favorites in the Berkus classic toolbox include white and gray paint — in all their various shades — polished nickel hardware and stainless finishes on appliances. Keeping these as a base, Berkus and his team contend, homeowners can shake things up down the road by manipulating less permanent details, such as chair cushions, window treatments and accessories. Full Story…


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