Orange County Fall 2009 Kitchen Trends

Newport Beach Kitchen Condo August 2009

Newport Beach Kitchen Condo August 2009

In a housing market that is in recovery, when seeking to sell your home it’s so important to stay up to date on current kitchen design trends.  Remember that an appealing bathroom and kitchen account for 55% of the decision making process that new home buyers look for when deciding what home to purchase.

Kitchen color runs the gamut from bold reds and yellows, now a bold complement to contemporary décor, to clear blues, neutral grays and warm browns which work well with transitional and traditional décor. Textured finishes remain trendy especially metallic accents in contemporary kitchens and rustic finishes in traditional kitchens. For trends in interior paint colors see Paint Color Trends for Interiors.

According to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA), wooden cabinetry in a furniture style is still the first choice for home owners. Upscale traditional looks use doors of maple and cherry hardwoods with onlays and moldings to create a luxury appearance. However, contemporary cabinetry is gaining in style acceptance with lighter woods, including environmentally-friendly bamboo, ash, beech and birch, as well as lighter finishes, cleaner lines and simple brushed steel hardware.

The most fashionable countertops use natural stone including granite, marble and limestone. However, the trend in natural materials is toward slate which offers a unique elegance and sophistication. Slate has the strength and durability of granite and marble without the constant need for maintenance and care. In custom kitchens, stainless steel countertops have become a popular option.

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