Congrats To Our U.S. National Soccer Team!

Wow!  The ride is over for now but thanks for the memories boys.  At the Signature Design Center of Anaheim our staff members have parents or grandparents from 5 countries that participated in the World Cup 2010.

However, while it’s always good to recognize your heritage and culture, as Americans we all cheered so very hard for the U.S. National Soccer team as we are so proud of our country.   In the end, Ghana was the better team, but we are so very proud for all the special reasons they gave us to cheer this year.    I do not remember cheering as loud as I did today for a soccer team since my now college bound son was playing Pee Wee Soccer.

I was truly inspired by this team as I work so hard to offer the highest quality remodeling work in Southern California and no matter what profession I happen to look at, it’s always great to see the dedication that others put into their work to give their best.  Truly motivating.  Keep up the good work and “All the Way for the USA!”.

Fred The “OC” Home Remodeler  714.289.2600


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