Is Brushed Nickel Ready to RIP in the Home?

Bronze Finished Faucet

I often am asked what is the current finish that is in style in the home.  I’ve seen it all from Gold to Chrome to Black Metal, to Satin Nickel to Cooper.  At the end of the day what is important is that the finish you select fits your taste.  Now if you are remodeling to sell, that is a different story.  We know that shinny chrome is no longer a must have.  Brushed nickel is still in demand, but higher end homes are seeking to differentiate themselves which is why the current fashion trend in the home is moving towards:

A Nickel for Every Finish

Faucet finishes in the bathroom are similar to those used in current kitchen designs, with brushed nickel continuing to lead the way in 2010. Polished chrome and satin nickel will also be incorporated into many bathrooms, just as they had been throughout 2009. These faucet finishes will be followed by bronze and stainless steel.

(Note: certain manufacturers use different terminology to describe their nickel finishes, and there is little difference between satin and brushed nickel. However, the look of either satin or brushed nickel can vary slightly between manufacturers, so trying to match the nickel finish from company X with the nickel finish from company Y is usually discouraged.)

Antique bronze is another popular finish cited in a NKBA survey, and it provides a look distinctly different than the silver-ish looks of nickel and chrome. As for what finish is on the decline in popularity. I see many clients opting for bronze mixing and matching other finishes in the kitchen and bathroom for a more unique look, I call it eclectic within reason.  If you are looking for bronze or satin nickel fixtures in Orange County, you can call me today at 714.289.2600 and ask for Fred, the owner and lead designer at Signature Design Center in Anaheim.


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