Orange County Ocean Front Homes For $2 Million?

 Marilyn Kalfus, real estate reporter

If one thing can be said about our economy, its that those with means are finding great deals.  And while the economy is slowly, and I mean very slowly making a comeback, long terms prospects for Orange County residents overall are still looking bright.  The vibrant job market, great schools and family friendly atmosphere are all tops on the list of any middle class to upper class community seeker.  So the homes that we see today, listed at unbelievable values will be the homes in 5,6,7 years from now that we will see listed for twice what they are today.

The OC Register recently featured one such home:

n Sunset Beach in March. The home, offered as a short sale, had an asking price of $2,599,000.It just sold for $1,936,000.

I haven’t seen any oceanfront properties in Sunset Beach selling for under $2 million lately.

The 3,072-square foot house, at 16651 South Pacific Coast Highway, was built in 1930 and currently is configured into 3 units, with a total of 5 bedrooms and 3 baths. It’s on a 2,700-square foot lot.


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