How To Remodel Your Kitchen For $100

That’s right, today I’m going to teach you about the $100 remodeling job.  You too can have brand new kitchen cabinets, brand new stainless steel appliances, granite, hardwood, travertine, backsplashes and a lovely kitchen for $100, how?….  Here is the secret:  Purchase a Barbie dream home and you will even get change.  Now how can you use $100 on your own kitchen?

It all starts with paint.  Paint can dramatically change the initial appearance of your home and bring about a quick update for those that are apartment owners or simply do not have a budget for real renovation projects.

A simple and inexpensive series of home improvement projects includes making your home appear new.  By repainting your home in a neutral color, you can give the interior a fresh appearance without spending much money. You may also consider getting a plumber to check for leaks and fix any that may appear or ask a contractor to quote you (preferably a free quote) on what they would fix so you have an idea on what needs work.  With the convenience of carpet steamers in local grocery stores, you can also steam the carpets to give the illusion of being brand-new.

These home improvement projects can help increase your home’s value for when you prepare to sell your home later down the road. Remember that just a simple change can give the illusion of a fresh and new home.

We offer one of Orange County’s best interior and exterior painting teams with competitive prices.  For a free quote call Fred the “OC Home Remodeler” at 714.289.2600.


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