Bringing the Orange County Kitchen, Outdoors

outdoor bbq kitchen orange county

At Signature Design Center in Anaheim, the request for outdoor kitchen in Orange County has increased considerably in the past 10 years.  As $100 a person restaurants have come and gone, the residents of Irvine, Anaheim and the beach cities are increasingly using their own homes as the entertainment destination.   The price of an outdoor kitchen can range from $1500 to $150,000 depending on the needs and desires of the homeowner.  A recent piece in the Orange County Register suggested:

Years ago, most people used charcoal or hardwoods for their fires. After the outdoor grill, people then added a sink and a couple of burners on top of a counter for beans or chili, creating the first outdoor kitchen. Shortly thereafter, as people started entertaining more, came the refrigerator, ice maker, and of course, the giant TV.

Today, gas grills are far more popular and some people now add pizza ovens (wood fired brick or ceramic), keg tappers, wine/beverage coolers, and warming drawers. It seems like nothing is out of the question! Remember though, when shopping for equipment, make sure it is resistant to the elements and low maintenance.

When designing your outdoor kitchen, think about where it should be and how you will most likely use it.

Will you be the chef, will you entertain onlookers, and do you like to have company while cooking? How much counter space will you need? Will you want people seated around at table height or do you want bar-height with bar stools. Will you serve and eat the food at the counter, or will people be seated at a table. Will the area be covered?


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