Tips For Selling Your Orange County Home In Today’s Market

If you’re renovating with the intention of getting your money back when you sell, renovate to appeal to the average buyer’s tastes, not your own. Touring decorated builders’ model homes is a great way to develop an understanding of which decors appeal to the average buyer today.  In Orange County, there are not an abundance of new construction so touring open houses on the weekend in most beach cities or gated communities can give you good insight into what is popular in today’s finicky buyers market.

As the owner of an Orange County home remodeling firm I have the insight into both trends that are popular amongst homeowners settling into their homes and conversely the popular trends for homeowners looking to make their homes more attractive and move in ready.  Here are a few quick pointers to consider when designing to sell.

1.  White paint is very neutral but oh so very “apartment like”.  Find a neutral palette and accent your color with white trim.

2.  If you are on a budget, ignore everything else but the paint, bathroom and kitchen.   The newer the better.

3.  Remove the clutter.  Clutter will ruin the ability of your potential buyers to see past their roadblocked imagination.

These tips are all common sense, but rarely used in practice.  Of course for home sellers in need of a quick sell, a walk in ready home with remodeled kitchens and bathrooms can not be beat.   If you are in need of remodeling or more tips, call me today, Fred the OC Remodeler, “714-289-2600”


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