Taking an Early Peek at Kitchen Design Trends in 2011

stainless stell kitchen cabinets

Of course its easy to understand that in the fast paced world of design, business owners like myself are rewarded for knowing what customers will want before they want it.  In Orange County, California while conservative on the design side, most customers love to mix in contemporary appeal in fixtures.  Here is a sneak preview of a few of the major kitchen design trends that will make 2011 as staples.

Cleaning up the lines and going modern conservative are high on the list of what home owners will ask for.  I was recently quoted in the Times saying:

Most people like clean lines and neutral colors in their kitchens, they want what is safe for resale and at the same time unique from their neighbors while still earning their admiration. It seems incredibly contradictory, but people want to be unique while at the same time they are doing exactly what everyone else is doing, and that is selecting neutral cabinetry, granite counters, stainless appliances, and tile backsplashes, all in a traditional, simple, functional and easy-to-clean style. Most of the time that style is country or shaker, because it has classic appeal and simplicity of line. It also has a very cozy and welcoming feel to it which appeals to most people in all age groups.

Favorite Cabinet Makers:

Midcontinent Cabinetry and Eurocraft remain amongst the most popular brands that we carry.  Both for the price points and position in the market as quality and luxury makers respectively.   One of the trends I have been tracking very closely is the rise in stainless cabinet request.  Maintaining a kitchen that is similar to that of the ones professional chefs design is very popular.   No longer is the kitchen the new family room, it is fast becoming the new theater, with televisions, performance cooking stations and music all ready to go.

At Signature Design Center we offer complimentary design consultations for your kitchen, bathroom and home remodeling needs.  Give us a call today and ask for me personally, Fred “The OC Remodeler” 714.289.2600.


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