The Top 13 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2011

Bathrooms have taken a turn from utilitary to luxury and we’ve been in the thick of this movement over the past decade as clients ask for more extravagant and interesting bathroom features. Here are the top 13 current bathroom remodeling trends to keep in mind for your next project!

#1. Large, Airy Showers with natural stone materials

#2. Soaking Tubs have Replaced Noisy Jacuzzis

#3. The bathroom is your sanctuary- So Let the Light In!

#4. Replace a regular bath with a steam bath/shower combo (Turn your bathroom into a spa!)

#5. Better ventilation = more comfortable room temp/ less mold & mildew

#6. Privatize the toilet into it’s own room (It’s just good thinking!)

#7. Put a flat screen on a swivel mount so you can watch the tube from anywhere in the room

#8. Get smart about adding enough storage

#9. Duel Vanities- A MUST HAVE & improves resale value

#10. Grab Bars- a major safety must

#11. Upgrade the floors to include radiant electric heat- keep those toes toasty!

#12. Select High Quality Natural Stone Tiles – like granite, marble or travertine (Visit our showroom for a HUGE selection)

#13. Tankless Water Heaters and Other “Green” elements to make the space efficient and utility cost effective

Read more at MSN Real Estate now.


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