Wood Flooring is this Year’s Comeback Kid!

Wood flooring has long been hailed as one of the best flooring surfaces for its durability, cleanliness and style. But lately, we’ve been hearing more and more about wood and it’s not your grandma’s flooring anymore. Reclaimed wood flooring, birch, bamboo, oak in the white and gray varieties are making their way back into the modern main stream. Usually when you are considering flooring options for a kitchen remodel you look towards slab stones like natural tiles, marble or sandstone. But why not incorporate the rich texture and classical appeal of wood into your kitchen? It holds up forever, is easy to clean and can be refinished in inumerable ways to make it match your kitchen style.

So whether you’re going for dark mahogany for a classic/contemporary look or distressed gray oak for a modern farmhouse feel real wood flooring is the investment that keeps on giving decade after decade as the wood gets richer and more beautiful. We offer full hardwood flooring installation and reclaimed hardwood flooring (which is very popular now because it’s eco friendly and sustainable) and hand scraped hardwood flooring which gives you that extra textured look. We also work a lot with walnut hardwood flooring and bamboo which is also a beautiful and sustainable option.

Come into our showroom to explore all the beautiful looks your home could have with new hardwood floors!


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