Backsplashes Make a Huge Splash on Your Design!

Now traditionalists will say that the kitchen’s backsplash should be something that makes the room feel warm and ties in the color scheme. These are the folks that will select mosaic tiles, travertine and sandstone in muted, warm tones and while this is one well-adored approach lately we’ve seen a fun trend in backsplashes that just might surprise you!

Simple, shiny, contemporary- stainless steel tiled backsplashes add a unique look and glimmer to your kitchen. And since stainless steel appliances are so popular for their look and durability it will perfectly accent your kitchen to give it that extra gloss and shine. Now we understand this material will not work with every design or for every lifestyle but for the bolder client- this is a fantastic new option that will really WOW your friends and family.

Stainless-steel backsplashes can install on an existing wall with a simply epoxy, giving a kitchen an updated look in a matter of minutes. This WallSplash (pictured) is available in six patterns: plain, diamond, diagonal, square, harlequin and checkerboard.

Watch the Video

More Information
Stainless-Steel WallSplash DIY: Star Stainless Design

Stainless-Steel Tiles/Backsplash/Panels: Swift Canada Inc.

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