Top Ten Kitchen Remodeling Tips

While we love the remodeling process many homeowners are overwhelmed at the idea of starting a new project- especially in a room as critical to daily living as the family kitchen.  So in an effort to ease your fears and get you excited to revamp your kitchen’s vibe, here are ten top tips to get your dream kitchen on any budget.

1. Assess the situation ahead of time and get a lot of opinions. Let professionals come over and give their opinions. Get bids on doing individual projects like new counters as well as bids on the entire kitchen. Eventually you’ll start to get a feel for what is necessary, what you could do without and who you want to work with.

2. Find a creative contractor. Interview multiple contractors before you commit to one. While the estimate was important in our decision, finding someone who had creative solutions was by far the most important thing to us in the long run.

3. Take your time in the planning stage. While you may be anxious to have a working kitchen again, take your time and look for inspiration in magazines and online. You can save a lot of money by thinking your design plan through thoroughly in advance. You also guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want in the end.

4. Do at least some of the prep work yourselves.You can save money by offering up your own elbow grease to speed up the process so that your contractor can focus on the hard stuff. But never agree to tasks you aren’t completely comfortable you can handle.

5. Details, details, details.
The key to a custom looking kitchen is in the details. We don’t mean fancy pants hand carved marble corbels either. You can choose things that look unique and special, or you can chose something that is plain and non-descript.

It is the little details that will give your room the “ooh and ahh” factor so be unique and add some special features.

6. Don’t be afraid to speak up.
Go ahead- drive your contractor crazy with questions! That’s why they are there so take advantage and get your kitchen exactly how you want it! 

7. Mix things up.
Don’t be boring when you can be special! Mix things up! Yes, you can use more than one style of hardware and more than one cabinet finish. Mix in different cabinet pulls, different cabinet finishes and a couple of variations on basic cabinetry adds personality and a custom feel to the design.

8. Drawers are better than cupboards
If you are putting in any new cabinetry or retro-fitting an old cabinet, try to get more drawers or pull out shelving than regular cupboards.

9. Creative concealment: a major money saving secret!
You don’t have to rip out everything that looks bad, often times a good coat of primer and fresh paint or new trim will work magic.

10. Work with what you have.
You can keep the basic footprint of your kitchen intact and still have a dramatic transformation. Often we are able to keep plumbing and electrical costs to a minimum, as well as avoid replacing the entire floor by simply leaving the floorplan the same.


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