Kitchen Islands

Providing a foundation to the kitchen, the island acts as part cooking station, part gathering center and part relaxing area. Find inspiration in islands that make your kitchen truly the heart of the home.

Kitchen Design by Carla Tonisch and Laura Hull

The Calm Assertive

There’s something so calm and peaceful about this kitchen yet, at the same time, it’s seriously calling your name to whip up a special meal and enjoy. The beautiful lines, neutral color palette and textures that extend through to the kitchen island pull this whole space together. The dark, backless barstools work in the space by adding a touch of balance that matches the dining table. Design Tip: Consider using a similar design element for your backsplash to add harmony to a smaller space. In this case, marble.

Contemporary Kitchen Design by Heather Johnston

The Cook’s Kitchen Island

In this pretty space, the kitchen island acts as the true hub, providing balance and harmony. With design styles mixing from industrial and modern to classic touches, the kitchen and the island represent a functional, well-designed space. The large island with an open frame works in this space, matching the design style of the counters and farmhouse sink. With a metal rack shelf below and the cement countertops above, the island houses the range as well. This kitchen is very much a space any cook would love.

Stone Kitchen Design by Jerry Bussanmas

Monochromatic Material Style

Designing a functional and stylish kitchen island can make a big impact in the kitchen, often a room that can feel small. In this case, using the same monochromatic color palette and sustainable wood materials for the island that spans the kitchen spaces will make the space feel bigger. The sustainable wood is used on the base of the islands and the cabinets, allowing the eye to keep moving throughout.

White Kitchen Design by Rebekah Zaveloff

A Full-Service Modern Kitchen

What a dream space: This entire kitchen is inviting, cool and feels like a modern classic. Using a black and white contrast with metal hardware throughout the entire space, including the large island, really adds dimension and absolute style to this space. Since there are tons of clean lines on the island, one way to soften the feel is to add a rounded support under the lip of the countertop. This adds a bit of design style and connects the rounded light fixtures.

White Kitchen Design by Kris Schoels

Chic and Sleek With a View

When it came to reimagining her new home across the river in New Jersey, Kris wanted to create a kitchen that was modern with warm touches. With incredible Manhattan views, she wanted a kitchen where she could entertain guests, make great meals and simply enjoy the view. Using the efficiencies available for storage, she designed special touches like aluminum-tempered drawers and a black marble countertop.

Jessica Locke and Niles Harrison Brick Kitchen

An Anchored Island in a Loft

For those loft lovers out there, this kitchen space provides some serious inspiration. The designer chooses a simple and open kitchen island to accommodate the large space. Often a solid consideration if you’re looking for an anchored space for people to dine or to use for prep.

Kitchen Island Design by Allison Amon

Thoughtfully Renovated Island Style

Walking into Alison and Paul’s home is a peaceful and inviting experience; head into the kitchen and the energy continues. The couple renovated their kitchen a few years ago and was incredibly thoughtful about the layout. They specifically wanted a large island for food prep and serving buffet-style. Completely top of the line, this kitchen island houses tons of storage space, a wine rack, bookshelves and an additional sink — something Allison wanted. Another design element that adds tons of style is the hardware. They took their time in choosing handles that add symmetrical balance.

Brick Kitchen Design by Melissa Gregg

The Heart of the Family

Traditional and warm is the way to go for Melissa and her family. Setting her kitchen design in warm tones and woods, she wanted a smaller island to complement and balance her kitchen. With a full brick wall dedicated to the built-in fireplace and the family kitchen table nesting inside the space, the island acts as an anchor. It also replicates the clean lines of the room. With barstools for one side and storage opportunities and a sink on the other, this island is a nice example of a how a smaller-in-size island can have a big impact.

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