Patio Ideas on a Budget

Hampton Bay Andrews 3-Piece Patio Bistro Set“I have a big, ugly patio. I need a few tips on how to remodel my patio without spending a lot of money.” Home Depot Community Forums reader diablita cut straight to the chase with that post on the Forums. You might feel the same way about your patio. And even if your patio isn’t quite as big and ugly, every so often it certainly is nice to spruce up your patio or deck. It’s even nicer if you can remodel your patio inexpensively.

Forum associate Rick Lavasseur, who posts under the handle RicksPicks online, had several patio ideas for homeowners on a budget.

“One of the many things that can be done without spending any money is to just clean the patio area of any unwanted debris, overgrown plants, weeds and any other trash that might have been left in the back yard,” Rick writes. “Just doing that alone will help improve the look of your patio area immensely.”

That’s pretty basic. But Rick has more advice:

Add decorative pavers to your patio

Though there are some pretty pricey paving stones available, most are moderately priced. Laying a paver border, walkway or extension of your patio is something you can do yourself, too. The Home Depot has many styles and sizes of pavers to choose from.

Add a pergola, gazebo or trellis

Again, with a pergola or gazebo, you can get pretty fancy. But even a simple pergola or gazebo will go a long way to dressing up your patio or back yard. A simple aluminum pergola is under $400, and sets up in a jiffy. Add climber plants or vines to create a decorative shady spot and visual focus point for your back yard. A trellis is even more inexpensive, but packs a big punch in terms of visual appeal.

Add some landscape lighting or deck lighting

Installing landscape lighting or deck lighting is one of the easiest ways to add a little visual drama to your back yard or patio. The lighting can also add a little security to your home, too, don’t forget. It’s remarkable how illuminating a few trees, or adding points of light in a garden can transform the look of your outdoor space … and for a very reasonable price. Our Exterior Lighting Buying Guide is a great place to get started thinking about how to add lighting to your patio or deck.

Add some new patio furniture

Then there’s the simplest, and undoubtedly most cost-effective way to make your patio look new again — pick up a new set of patio furniture. It doesn’t take a whole new outdoor dining set, either (as nice as that would be). Even a three-piece bistro set will breathe new life into your deck.

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