Colorful Deck Ideas

Image of deck with splashes of color in rug and furnishingsLately we’ve been so enamored with smartly decorated screened-in porches and beautifully painted floors, we’ve hardly had time to notice all the colorful deck ideas people are starting to explore. As the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living spaces continues to fade, many homeowners are taking a much brighter and bolder approach to their patio furniture and deck décor. Everything is getting more showy, from the seating sets and chairs and stools, right down to the decking itself.

Images of Colorful Deck Decor Ideas

Take a look for yourself. You may just find the spark of inspiration to brighten things up on your deck.

Even if the style of your deck is already quite fabulous, like this one with its Herman Miller platform bench-inspired railings, a few dashes of vibrant color will add a tremendous amount of warmth and charm. Brilliantly patterned outdoor rugs are a nice starting point.

Image of the Hampton Bay Summerville 3-Piece Patio Set in Turquiose

Colorful things can come in small packages. Why not reflect the energy and vibrancy of the season by updating your poolside deck with a chic bistro set.

Image of a deck painted purple, turquoise and lime green

Some of us are content to dapple color here and there, while others like Coni are willing to take the plunge. It’s a choice you should consider if you’re thinking about painting or staining your deck. The results may turn out to be more stunning than nature itself.

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