Kitchen Stools: What’s Your Style?

I was contemplating painting or recovering the barstools in our kitchen so I went in search of inspiration and look what I found! Seven different styles of kitchen barstools to inspire a fresh change if you’re seeking one too.

Classic. Criss cross or straight up and down slats are the hallmark of a classic barstool. With some varieties you can remove the seat cover and change it to a fabric you prefer, others are designed to attach chair pads to their seats.

classic criss cross barstools
classic kitchen barstools bhg

Industrial. Made of metal and often backless, and industrial style stool brings edgy contrast to a kitchen space filled with painted and wood surfaces.

industrial metal stools in kitchen bhg

industrial style black stools bhg

Leather.  Leather is a forgiving, easy to clean hide and its surface adds a warm patina to a kitchen space. Find them in both square and round shapes for tucking under islands or peninsulas.

leather barstool bhg
leather and wood stools bhg

 Cottage.  Sometimes called a farmhouse or country style, cottage stools often have rush seat chairsand ladder backs. They’re commonly available in black, white, and wood tones, but also look charming when painted bright colors.

cottage style barstools

mint cottage style kitchen bhg

Retro. Inspired by the diners of the 1950s, a retro barstool is chrome with rounded tubular supports. They’re a nostalgic and fun addition to kitchens and bars.

eat in kitchen with stools bhg

retro stools in kitchen

 Contemporary.  Kitchens with clean lines and modern finishes call for contemporary stools to complement the style of the space, and their sleek and chic shapes add a sophisticated touch.

contemporary stools in kitchen bhg
contemporary bar stools

 Colorful.  No one can argue that a dose of color adds a cheerful touch to a kitchen and- basic barstools can easily be spray painted to add a happy hue.

bright painted stools bhg

green counter stools bhg

What style of barstool do you have in your kitchen?

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