Easy Dipped Wooden Utensils

Mother’s Day is always a struggle for me. I always want to get my mom something special but she says she wants a leaf blower or a new filter for something or some kind of tool that I have to Google before I get to the store. This year, I’m putting my foot down and honing my crafting skills. Mom, sorry, but you’re getting something handmade and from the heart. If you’re in the same boat as me, then you’re in luck. We have tons of beautiful, DIY gift ideas that Mom will love, from jewelry boxes to tote bags. And for the culinary Mom, try customized utensils in her favorite hue.

Easy Dipped Wooden Utenstils at HGTV's Design Happens Blog

This project is so fast and easy, you’ll want to make a set for all your friends (including yourself). All you need are wooden utensils, craft paint, painter’s tape, a foam paintbrush and a food-safe sealer and shellac. For the paint, I chose to paint each handle a different shade of pink to create an ombre look among the six utensils. You can mix in white paint, however, if you want to create an ombre look on the handle itself.

Materials Needed:

  • wooden utensils
  • craft paint
  • paint tray
  • painter’s tape
  • foam paintbrush
  • food-safe shellac and sealer

Determine Paint Line

Apply painter’s tape to each wooden utensil (Image 2). If you want the painted handles to be precise on each utensil, then mark the height with a ruler and duplicate.

Paint Utensils

Using a foam paintbrush, apply craft paint to the handle of each utensil. Allow each utensil to dry in an upright container. Add more coats if necessary.

Apply Shellac

Once paint has dried, apply a high-gloss, food-safe shellac and sealer to give handles an enameled look. Use and let dry according to product instructions.

Remove Tape

Once shellac has dried, remove painter’s tape to reveal a nice, crisp paint line. Note: After use, these should be hand-washed.


These chic and customized kitchen utensils make the perfect gift for new brides, new homeowners and moms. Package them with her favorite homemade treats and kitchen accessories.

Article found on http://www.HGTV.com To see post in its original context, please click here.


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