Home Survival Skills: Natural Homemade Potpourri

One of my favorite things about spring is definitely the fragrance. Fresh cut grass, aromatic flowers, the smell of the rain – I could lay in a meadow and take in all the sweet scents until summer. Of course, I can’t actually skip town and camp out in the fields for two months (I have a house to spring clean, remember?), but I can invite the smell of spring into my home through the intoxicating power of homemade potpourri.

If you’ve ever tried to make your own fragrance, you know it can be difficult to get the combination just right. That’s why we followed our noses to find easy mixes for springtime scents that you can make at home – easy Mother’s Day gift idea, anyone?

Dried flower potpourri. It wouldn’t be spring without the aroma of blooming flowers. Julia from Free People mixes together dried lavender, rose petals and cloves, then arranged them in decorative jars and containers.

Fresh, fruity mason jar room scents. The Yummy Life blogger Monica mixes up fresh citrus, herbs and spices in mason jars that can be stored in the fridge or frozen until you’re ready to use them. She finds citrus fruits and woody herbs like rosemary keep your home smelling pleasant longer.

Wake up and smell the coffee candles. Okay, so coffee’s not exactly a springtime scent, but what better way to get excited for all those outdoor parties than with the energizing smell of coffee beans?  Petra at Zoom Yummy used real coffee beans to make this cute and fragrant candle.

If you think you’re ready to put your own combination to the test, keep these two tips in mind:

  • Choose carefully. You may be tempted to mix all your favorite scents at once, but too many fragrances can quickly overpower each other.
  • Less is more. It’s cliché, but it only takes a few extra drops of spearmint oil to turn your home into a candy cane factory. You can always go back and add more fragrances later if your potpourri isn’t powerful enough.

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