Room Divider Ideas for Open Floor Plans

A room divider made of windows between dining and living area

Around here, we’re huge fans of homes with open floor plans. They help to create more social time by allowing people in various areas of the home to converse more freely. It’s easier to keep an eye on the kids while you’re preparing dinner. And fewer walls let natural light permeate throughout the house.

While these are all excellent arguments in favor more openness, we understand the compelling need for spatial separation at times.

That’s why we’re also keen on the many interesting ways people are using room dividers in homes with open floor plans. They help balance the desire for a more communal way of life with a practical need for boundaries. In spaces large and small we spotted some ingenious and unusual approaches, and we hope that you will find some inspiration here for your home.

A room divider made of a curtain hanging from a ceiling rod between bedroom and eating area

The use of curtains as a room divider is not a new idea, but it has certainly retained its allure over time. While providing a veil of privacy, curtain dividers can also create a tantalizing play of light and shadow that give a room added depth.

Bookcases are a way to divide a space that makes room for displaying your favorite works of literature or art. As a bonus, they’re relatively easy to add, remove or disassemble and move to another location in your home.

A collage of reclaimed furnishings used as room dividers

Reclaimed furnishings like windows, storage cabinets, shutters and pallets form unique divides in an open space that infuse the room with vintage charm.

Jute room dividers

We’re revisiting an old favorite from the folks over at The Brick House to show you how to add warmth, texture and graphic interest to an open space in your home with rope dividing walls. Cheap and relatively easy to construct, this idea could be adapted in innumerable ways for spaces of any size.

A panel of lights used as a room divider in a salon

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