Make Miniature Toothpick Banners for Your Next Event

How to make DIY cake toppers in minutes using toothpicks and washi or scrapbooking tape.Accessorize your picnic or birthday party with handmade touches in no time at all. Using simple toothpicks and store-bought scrapbooking tape, I crafted these mini-banners for cake toppers and picnic appetizers. (Washi tape, a popular Japanese tape made of paper, works too.) Best of all? This tape is available in almost any color and pattern, making it an easy way to incorporate theme colors of your event – think about how easy and perfect they would be for a wedding or shower! Keep on reading to learn how to make these decorative toppers in minutes.

Materials for your DIY mini-banners. Tape and toothpicks!Step 1

Select your materials. For mine, I went with simple toothpicks (in party colors!) and three types of craft tape that I bought from the scrapbooking section of the craft store. Washi tape varieties are available in nearly every color and pattern, so get creative, or coordinate your banners to complement the theme of your event.

Step 2

Trim pieces of tape to 3-4″ in length.

Materials for DIY mini-banners that can be used as cake toppers and picnic accents!

Step 3

Wrap the tape around the top of the toothpick, lining up the edges carefully.

Assemble a DIY mini-banner with washi tape and a toothpick.

Step 4

Easy as pie, right? Assemble as many mini-banners as you need.

Mini cake topper banners for a summertime party using toothpicks and washi tape!

Step 5

Because the ends of the tape might not line up perfectly, snip the ends to be straight or consider making a little pennant flag out of them, trimming into the tape with scissors.

Trimming the end of your mini-banner to finish off the flag.

Step 6

Picnics and parties are fun with handmade accents, right? These little guys were charming as I used them as toothpicks in appetizers for guests to self-serve easily.

DIY mini-banners using scrapbooking tape and toothpicks.

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