Surprise! Unfortunate Bathroom Remodeling Surprises

interior of bathroom

It’s no secret that remodeling can be pricey. The demolition, buying the materials, properly installing the new materials, and everything in between can add up. So you decide to do it yourself to save on some labor costs, right?

Unfortunately not. Building something from scratch and revamping something that already exists are two completely different methods of creating something new in your home. There are a few surprises that you want to expect and plan for when you’re remodeling.

• Improper installation: Probably the most common surprise that people find when they’re remodeling is that the construction of the house wasn’t done properly. Whether this is a lack of support for the walls or a lack of insulation, it needs to be fixed. Your bathroom won’t pass an inspection if they aren’t fixed, and it can be pricey.

• Plumbing: If the plumbing is old, expect there to be problems. Whether they’re just plugged up or actually cracked and leaking, a lot of times the plumbing in the bathroom will have to be replaced in the event of a remodel.

• Ventilation: Ventilation is imperative in a bathroom. If the ventilation wasn’t done right previously, there’s a good chance you’ll run into mold. Mold has to be removed by a professional in order to be done properly, so make sure to include proper ventilation in your new bathroom to keep mold from building up again.

• Wiring: In any remodel, wiring can be a problem. We’ve heard of so many horror stories when, as soon as a family has started a remodel, they find that the wiring is a mess or exposed where it shouldn’t be. Make sure an electrician does the wiring in your home so you know it’s done properly.

For all of these surprises, there is one main fix: hire a professional to do your remodel. At Signature Design Center, we strive to give you the bathroom remodel you’ve always dreamed about. Not only that, we will make sure it’s done right. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, give us a call today at (714) 533-9595.


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