5 Tips for Perfect Hardwood Flooring

Parquet construction

You’ve worked hard to turn your kitchen into the one in your dreams, but it’s missing one thing: the perfect hardwood floors. It brings the whole kitchen together and gives you a comfortable place to stand while you prepare your food. But before you get going on installing your own hardwood floors, there are a few tips you should know.

• Make sure the floor is, in fact, flat: Make sure your floor is flat. Anything more than 1/4 inch variation over 10 feet will be noticed, so correct any areas that might be high or low before you get to installing. To do this, you can use a sander or another surface preparation product, but make sure afterward that you perform a moisture test to make sure your hardwood floor doesn’t warp.
• Avoid squeaks: Tighten your floor properly so that when it is all completed, it does not squeak. If your floor is completed and there is a squeak, it’s really difficult to fix, so make sure your subfloors are tightened with the proper screws before finishing the floor.
• Check for moisture: Check the surrounding areas (basements and surrounding rooms) for moisture in the floors. If the moisture level is too high, the hardwood floor will not set right and you will have to deal with cupping. Cupping is when moisture builds up in the individual board, causing it to sink in the middle and raise at the edges.
• Fix your subfloor: Ensure your subfloor is not cracked or missing any panels. If they are, then those panels will need to be replaced. Putting a hardwood floor over a damaged subfloor can create squeaks and misalignment in the floor in the future.
• Hire a professional: We cannot stress this tip enough. Spend the money so you are getting it all done properly the first time. If you try to do it yourself and end up doing something improperly, you might end up having to spend more to get it fixed anyway.

If you are looking to remodel your kitchen completely or even just replace your hardwood floors, give Signature Design Center a call today at (714) 533-9595. We’ll be happy to install your hardwood floors properly the first time!


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