The Hardwood Facts: Refinish or Resurface?

Interior empty room

When it comes to your kitchen remodel, the floors are always incredibly important. If you have hardwood floors, the choice is tough: refinish or resurface? What’s the difference? Which would make your kitchen look nicer?

As a general rule, refinishing does the job if you want more shine, but resurfacing will look nicer if you have an older floor with deeper scratches and wear and tear. We’ve gone into a little more detail below:

  • Refinish: Refinishing your hardwood floors is when the top layer is sanded off and then a new layer of finish is added to the top to make it look like brand new.
    • Benefits: It’s definitely easier on you, both in the amount of work and the cost. If you have newer hardwood floors, it’s the easy decision.
    • Disadvantages: If your hardwood floor is old, it’s going to need more than just a quick sanding to get it to look nice again. Refinishing is a fairly superficial process and won’t fix any serious problems with your floor.
  • Resurface: Resurfacing is more than just sanding off the top. It can include everything from removing and replacing boards to grinding any uneven boards, to adding new nails.
    • Benefits: It’ll take your old floors and make them look brand new again. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a brand new set of hardwood floors while giving you a similar look.
    • Disadvantages: It’s definitely more costly. It’s more something that should be done if your floors have fallen into disrepair, if there are any holes in the wood or nails missing.

If you aren’t sure whether your floors should be refinished or resurfaced for your kitchen remodel, give Signature Design Center a call today at (714) 533-9595. We’re happy to get your kitchen—and your floors—looking exactly as you’ve always dreamed!


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