6 Tips to Know Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Modern bathroom in luxury apartmentLooking to start your bathroom remodel? A bathroom remodel is complicated no matter what, and requires knowledge that only professionals have. Everything from the average space of a toilet, to how to match your counter and tub, to how much your total remodel will cost. There are so many details, processes, and decisions that go into a bathroom remodel. There are a few things you need to know before diving in.

  1. Hire a professional. We know you’d rather save on labor, but trust us: it’s much less expensive to have a professional do it than to do it yourself and end up having to pay more if something gets messed up.
  2. Know your budget. Bathroom remodels often come with surprise costs that seem to appear out of nowhere. Make sure you have the money to buy the quality materials that you want without running out of money for those extra surprises.
  3. Plan properly. It sounds silly, but no one wants to see the toilet immediately upon entering your bathroom. Know design tips like this before planning how you want your bathroom to be laid out.
  4. Know your dimensions. Bathrooms tend to come with certain dimensions, like how big a standard tub or toilet is, and how much space you need to maneuver around it.
  5. Check your tiles. This shouldn’t be an issue if you hire a professional, but make sure your tiles are the proper size and not coming in European sizes. A little measurement error can set you back a lot.
  6. Plan for ventilation. Poor ventilation can mean for mold growth. Make sure you have multiple ways for steam to get out of your bathroom so it doesn’t collect and cause you problems in the future.

A shiny new bathroom is exciting, and we know you want to get started as soon as possible. That’s why we’re here at Signature Design Center, waiting for your call. Let us help you get your bathroom remodel going today, and make sure it’s all done properly the first time!


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