Find the Best Sink for Your New Bathroom

Clean faucetAs you invest time and money into your bathroom remodel, you’ll want to make sure to select the right sink; one that will make a statement and keep your new bathroom looking fresh and elegant for years to come.

There’s no wrong answer when it comes to choosing the type of sink you want, you’ll just want to be sure it suits and goes along with the overall theme and tone you have for your bathroom remodel ideas. Here are the different types of sinks to help you get started to determine in which direction you would like to go.

• Drop-In: This type of sink is installed by “dropping” it in through the top of the countertop. The sink will sit flush with the countertop once it is properly placed into the precut hole.
• One-Piece: A one-piece sink is so named because it is made of one standalone piece that features a sink that is supported by a matching pedestal.
• Under-Mount: Opposite to the drop-in sink, the under-mount is installed from under the countertop so that the bowl of the sink starts below the surface of the countertop.
• Vessel: A vessel sink is not installed within the countertop, but rather on top of the countertop. These sinks usually look like a bowl or other freestanding vessel and often come with an integrated vanity and faucet system.
• Wall-Mounted: Mounted directly to the wall, this type of sink is often the most difficult to install. This is because the water line and other pipes need to be housed within the wall, which can be difficult. However, they are great for small spaces when extra room is needed.

Any of these sinks would work when thinking of bathroom remodel ideas, but there are certainly some that are easier others and more aesthetically pleasing depending on your unique area. In addition to the actual sink, you can also add to the decor of your bathroom by selecting the perfect faucet and vanity. While some sinks come preinstalled with a faucet, others come with a three-hole design to allow you to customize the fixtures you use and make the unit truly yours.

If you’re ready to start your bathroom remodel, give Signature Design Center a call today! We’re ready to help you create your dream bathroom.


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