How Long will My Bathroom Remodel Take?

A bathroom sink with fixtureYou have been dreaming about it for months: your perfect bathroom is about to come a reality. So when can you expect it to be completed? Unfortunately, the answer is not cut and dry. As with most construction projects, problems will inevitably arise and dates will get pushed back. There are a few stages to starting your bathroom remodel, and then many factors that influence how long it can take from beginning to end.

  • Design: The designing and development of a bathroom remodel is the most indicative of how long the entire bathroom remodel will take. This process includes writing blueprints, taking measurements, deciding details, ordering materials, and so much more. Depending on how quickly decisions on design can be made and how often meetings can be scheduled, the process may take longer.
  • Material/labor order: Sometimes materials are not immediately available. If your order is custom, it can take a long time to get started. Other times there are projects backed up and labor can’t start immediately. Either way, this is not a process that can be rushed. It is imperative that all materials are on hand before the bathroom remodel starts.
  • Installation: This is the exciting part: when you start to see your vision become a reality. The laborers come in and work with the materials and put them all together. Unfortunately, running into plumbing and construction problems is common at this point, and that can set the schedule back.

No matter how many setbacks, Signature Design Center promises that we will work through each and every one with you to ensure that your bathroom remodel is done in a timely fashion. To answer the original question, a bathroom remodel can take around 4-6 months, with so many contributing factors. If the remodel includes structural remodel or it is a big bathroom, it could take longer. But just know that ultimately, your bathroom remodel will be everything you dreamed of and more.

If you are ready to start your bathroom remodel journey, give Signature Design Center a call today at (714) 533-9595 and we’ll be happy to get you started!




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