Time To Refinish Your Wood Floors? Try This Test!

部屋の中にあるソファThe look and feel of quality hardwood floors instantly raises the perceived value of a home. For this reason, it is important to know if and when it is a good time to begin refinishing hardwood floors. It may not always be easy to tell. You may think that because your floor looks scratched and discolored in places that it is time to refinish, but it may be just fine. On the other hand, it may look great, but in reality needs to be refinished.

Here are a few tips to test if your hardwood floors are in need of refinishing:

All hardwood floors are coated with a clear varnish that protects the wood. You will want to test to see if this barrier or seal has been compromised. To do this, get a tablespoon of water and pour it onto a board in one of the high traffic areas of your house. Watch what the water does. Does it form droplets that settle and rest on top of the wood? If so, the clear varnish is intact and in good condition. If the water soaks slowly into the wood rather than remaining on the surface, then it is a good indicator that the varnish is wearing thin. The necessity of refinishing hardwood floors at this stage is recommended but not imperative if you need a little more time. But, if the water quickly penetrates the wood and leaves a discolored ring, it is necessary to refinish the wood as quickly as possible. You can test other areas of your floor to decide if the whole floor needs to be refinished or if only certain high traffic areas are running thin.

Once you decide that your hardwood floors need refinishing, you can then decide if you want to hire a professional for the job or do it yourself. It is wise to measure the thickness of your boards before taking on the project yourself. To do this, find two boards with a deep groove in between them. Take a business card and place it into the groove as far as it will go. Mark with a pencil where the wood reaches on the business card. Then, with a ruler, measure the distance from the bottom of the business card to the pencil line. If the wood is less than ¾” thick, it would be wise to have a professional complete the refinishing because the sanding process can get tricky when you do not have a lot of board left to work with. The last thing you would want to do is ruin your beautiful hardwood floors by taking on a job you are not qualified to do. But, hiring a professional like Signature Design Centers to get the job done right will add years and beauty to your hardwood floors. Call us today at 714.533.9595.


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