Why a Professional Should Refinish Hardwood Floors

Beautiful Foyer interiorOne of the best things about having hardwood floors is you can refinish them many times throughout the life of the floor. This means you can change the color of the stain if you want, you can get rid of any accidental scuffs or scratches, and it can be done in a matter of days.

If done by yourself, these improvements can cause major damage to your beautiful wood flooring. Having your hardwood floor refinished by a professional is the smart way to go.

Here are the steps a pro will take to get your hardwood floors looking new again:

First, he will start by rebuffing your floor. All hardwood floors are sealed with a protective, clear coating. Sometimes, that is the only part of the floor that has been scratched or damaged and a simple buffing will have your floors looking new again.

If you need more than buffing, the next step will be sanding and finishing your hardwood boards. This is the step where it is most important to have a professional doing the work for you. The professional will first measure the thickness of your boards to ensure they are at least an eighth of an inch thick. This will allow him to sand the boards completely and evenly. Most hardwood floors can take up to twelve complete sandings before it is time to replace the boards altogether. If you have laminated hardwood flooring, you should be able to sand and refinish them at least once.

Sanding is a messy job and dust can get everywhere. When you are looking to hire the right person for a hardwood floor refinishing job, be sure to ask if the professional offers dustless sanding. This does not mean that there will be no dust in your home following the project, but it does mean that an attachment is used to vacuum the dust coming off of the sandpaper and the process will significantly reduce the amount of dust floating around and settling following the sanding.

In addition to sanding, the professional will then add any filler necessary to cracks and holes in the wood to create a flawless finish. You can then leave your floors with a natural color finish or have the professional stain the floor one of many available colors. Normally, several applications are required and thorough drying and sanding in between the coats is a must. This will increase the project length, but not excessively, and the whole project should be finished anywhere from two to five days from the time the professional started buffing.

After the staining is complete, a final finishing coat will be applied. A professional will use a water-based finish, a polyurethane finish, or an acid-cured finish. Water based finishes are eco-friendly and do not have harsh odors, but they are not as strong or long-lasting as their counterparts. Polyurethane finishes are the standard for the industry and are recommended for all high traffic areas of your home. Acid-cured finishes are the toughest coating you can apply to your hardwood floors but they can also be the most hazardous and require extra safety precautions when they are applied.

Whichever finish you choose, your hardwood floors will be looking brand new by the time the process is complete. While it is possible to complete a hardwood floor refinishing on your own, this is one project that is best left to the pros. Something as valuable as your hardwood floors should not be messed with, so call Signature Design Center today at 714.533.9595 and let’s get your floors looking brand new once again.


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