Good Kitchen Design Books for Orange County

Kitchen and Bath Design News features 5 great design books aimed at everyone from the rookie to the veteran designer. Here is a quick summary of this great review. I am constantly reading and discussing new concepts with professionals in the industry. I can recommend Contemporary Asian Design especially considering the strong Asian design influences found in California homes.

Style To Go: Bed & Bath
: “…aims to show an effective symbiosis between the two sanctuary rooms in the home… with helpful sidebars including tips and tricks to overcome style challenges such as limited space and storage issues.”

Contemporary Asian Bathrooms: “…includes photos from private homes and luxurious Southeast Asian spas and resorts that any designer charged with creating ‘a temple dedicated to body worship’ would do well to take note of during the design process.”

50 Great Bathrooms by Architects: “…shows how architects interpret differently the traditional notions of the bathroom as the haven of the home for it occupants. As its editor says, it is a place for ‘relaxation, grooming and total privacy.'”

Great Kitchens by Architects: “The sister book to 50 Great Bathrooms. Includes detailed layout and renderings of each kitchen. Every trend and style is represented here, from a Modernist look with straight lines and splashes of color in the details to experimental kitchens with unusual use of natural light and window placement.

Ultimate Guide to Kitchens: Plan, Remodel, Build: “…designing a kitchen with special needs can be more complicated, [requiring] specialized knowledge and skills…. In keeping with this idea, Ultimate Guide covers a wide range of topics that kitchen designers might not have a specialty in, but could use to enhance their designs and expand their profit centers.”