Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

Contemporary kitchen living roomEveryone has an opinion about kitchen remodels. When it comes to remodeling your own, however, be sure to stick with what is right for you. We all have our own ideas of what we want our kitchen to look like, so be sure to stay true to those ideas. Of course, there is room for professional opinions and alternative options, but make sure it is something you love; after all, this is a kitchen you will most likely have for decades. As you get into your remodel, here are a few things to be careful of as you begin work. Continue reading


Find the Best Sink for Your New Bathroom

Clean faucetAs you invest time and money into your bathroom remodel, you’ll want to make sure to select the right sink; one that will make a statement and keep your new bathroom looking fresh and elegant for years to come. Continue reading

The Hardwood Facts: Refinish or Resurface?

Interior empty room

When it comes to your kitchen remodel, the floors are always incredibly important. If you have hardwood floors, the choice is tough: refinish or resurface? What’s the difference? Which would make your kitchen look nicer? Continue reading

Remodel Your Kitchen to Increase Your Home’s Value!

Kitchen remodeling might cost a lot, depending on the size of the kitchen and the complexity of the chosen design. But it is worth doing it to increase the value of your house. Besides, your kitchen is the room where all the food is handled and prepared: an important part for you and your family. Discuss among family member whether to do a full kitchen remodel or just installing new cabinet and new appliances to give a newer look with the same bones. You can get design ideas for your kitchen remodeling project by looking at photos or pictures in magazines and sites, visiting home design or decoration stores, and looking for inspiration for designs in other areas. Make sure that you get helps from professional. Here below, we try to provide some pictures of inspirited kitchendesign.

Here are some recent remodels we did that came out great!

Considering how much time is spent in the kitchen, shouldn’t it be the most gorgeous room in the house, with the most sumptuous materials, finishes, and fixtures? Well, that’s becoming the case with modern kitchens. Many of today’s showcase kitchens boast fine cabinetry that rivals the furniture in an English castle and flooring as intricate and durable as that in an Italian church. Even the everyday kitchen is evolving into a high-tech and highly aesthetic space.

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We want our kitchens to work well and we also want them to look good, but the beauty of a kitchen depends on more than just the finishing touches. Consider the bare bones of the kitchen, and make a space that’s bright, well proportioned, and, above all, comfortable and easy to use. So, set your kitchen style: a traditional kitchen, modern-style kitchen, or eclectic kitchen? Here, we will provide a brief explanation about kitchen style.

13 Easy Bathroom Upgrades to Improve Your Home’s Value

Here at Signature Design, we’re always amazed at what a difference a simple upgrade can make, especially when it comes to bathrooms. A freshly tiled floor or a shiny chrome faucet can suddenly make a blase bathroom feel brand new. Here are 13 weekend-worthy ideas sure to make a big impact. Here are some great tips from This Old House and instructions for each on how to improve your existing bathrooms and get the most for your money!

#1. Build a Vintage Dresser Vanity

Before indoor plumbing, there was the wash-basin, and the look is just as stylish now as it was then. Learn how to create your own vintage-inspired bathroom vanity (complete with modern-day plumbing of course) in How to Build a Vintage-look Dresser Vanity.

#2. Install a Pedestal Sink

Nothing says “elegance” like a porcelain pedestal sink, not to mention it’s space-saving attributes. Got the chops to take on the job yourself? Don’t forget to consult How to Install a Pedestal Sink for all the dos and don’ts.

#3. Anchor a Towel Bar

A towel may not seem that heavy, but you’d be surprised what a sopping wet one can do to a cavalierly installed towel bar. Goodbye towel bar—hello wall damage. How to Anchor a Towel Bar will help you ensure that your bar stays secure and your towels stay off the floor.

#4. Install a Shower Door

Just because you need a shower doesn’t mean your bathroom does too. Unfortunately, keeping water where it belongs can be tricky, especially when you’re dealing with a flimsy shower curtain. How to Install a Shower Door will show you how to seal up your shower for good. Your bathroom floor will thank you.

#5. Tile Around a Tub

Whether you want water resistance, stain-resistance or just a fresh pop of color, tiling around your tub is a great way to spruce up your bathroom. And it’s easier than you might think. See How to Tile Around a Tub for all the details.

#6. Install a Medicine Cabinet

Tired of knocking your toothbrush, deodorant and Advil into the sink every time you wash your hands? It may be time to consider a storage upgrade, also known as a medicine cabinet. Check out How to Install a Medicine Cabinet for a step-by-step guide.

#7. Make a Vintage Towel Rack

Traditional towel racks and standard wall shelving can be, well, boring. Ditch the shrink-wrapped plastic bar for a vintage-inspired bathroom wall fixture perfect for hanging and storing towels. TOH’s How to Make a Towel Rack with Vintage Taps is all you need to get started.

#8. Install a Bathroom Vent Fan

Steamy showers make for stuffy bathrooms and eventually moldy walls. How to Install a Bathroom Vent Fan will show you how to prevent moisture mayhem and enjoy a fog-free mirror to boot.

#9. Replace a Bathroom Faucet

You deserve to wash your hands and brush your teeth without cringing at a crusty old leaker of a faucet from the ’80s. For a full spigot upgrade, all you need is a couple of hours, a shiny new fixture and How to Replace a Bathroom Faucet

#10. Install a Soap Dish

The shower can be refreshing retreat, but a missing or misplaced soap dish can seriously dampen the experience. Avoid soggy bar soap by strategically and securely positioning your suds station in your shower. This Old House shows you the right steps in How to Install a Soap Dish

#11. Caulk Around a Tub

Brown, cracked, and mildewy. If this is an accurate description of your bathtub caulking, it may be time for a re-sealing. Be sure to consult How to Caulk Around a Tub for a step-by-step lesson.

#12. Tile a Floor

A freshly-tiled floor can brighten your bathroom and your mood, and if you tackle the job yourself, it can brighten your bank account as well. Read How to Tile a Floor for more.

#13. Install a New Toilet

Has your bathroom throne become a royal eyesore? Spring for a new fast-flushing toilet for a functional upgrade that’s also easy on the eyes. Do it yourself with a little help from TOH: How to Install a Toilet

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Backsplashes Make a Huge Splash on Your Design!

Now traditionalists will say that the kitchen’s backsplash should be something that makes the room feel warm and ties in the color scheme. These are the folks that will select mosaic tiles, travertine and sandstone in muted, warm tones and while this is one well-adored approach lately we’ve seen a fun trend in backsplashes that just might surprise you!

Simple, shiny, contemporary- stainless steel tiled backsplashes add a unique look and glimmer to your kitchen. And since stainless steel appliances are so popular for their look and durability it will perfectly accent your kitchen to give it that extra gloss and shine. Now we understand this material will not work with every design or for every lifestyle but for the bolder client- this is a fantastic new option that will really WOW your friends and family.

Stainless-steel backsplashes can install on an existing wall with a simply epoxy, giving a kitchen an updated look in a matter of minutes. This WallSplash (pictured) is available in six patterns: plain, diamond, diagonal, square, harlequin and checkerboard.

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More Information
Stainless-Steel WallSplash DIY: Star Stainless Design

Stainless-Steel Tiles/Backsplash/Panels: Swift Canada Inc.

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The Top 13 Bathroom Remodeling Trends of 2011

Bathrooms have taken a turn from utilitary to luxury and we’ve been in the thick of this movement over the past decade as clients ask for more extravagant and interesting bathroom features. Here are the top 13 current bathroom remodeling trends to keep in mind for your next project!

#1. Large, Airy Showers with natural stone materials

#2. Soaking Tubs have Replaced Noisy Jacuzzis

#3. The bathroom is your sanctuary- So Let the Light In!

#4. Replace a regular bath with a steam bath/shower combo (Turn your bathroom into a spa!)

#5. Better ventilation = more comfortable room temp/ less mold & mildew

#6. Privatize the toilet into it’s own room (It’s just good thinking!)

#7. Put a flat screen on a swivel mount so you can watch the tube from anywhere in the room

#8. Get smart about adding enough storage

#9. Duel Vanities- A MUST HAVE & improves resale value

#10. Grab Bars- a major safety must

#11. Upgrade the floors to include radiant electric heat- keep those toes toasty!

#12. Select High Quality Natural Stone Tiles – like granite, marble or travertine (Visit our showroom for a HUGE selection)

#13. Tankless Water Heaters and Other “Green” elements to make the space efficient and utility cost effective

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