2010 Winter Kitchen Remodeling Trends

Winter 2010 trends already?  But it’s still the middle of summer you might say and you’d be correct.  However, in this business as in fashion, automobiles and construction, we have to stay ahead of the curve.  So below I hope to present a few trends that are taking root in America and Southern California in particular.

Trends Across the Country:

1.  Basic to the QUALITY basics: As the economy continues to weigh heavy on the thoughts of many homeowners, we come across many clients that are wondering if now is the best time to update their homes, specifically in the kitchen and bathroom.  Outside of Master planned communities, but traditional neighborhoods, differentitation has always been the key to creating value.  That means, having a quality kitchen with up to date flooring, countertops and appliances will make the difference when attempting to sell, unlock equity or simply wow your loved ones during a holiday season meal.   While it may seem out of line luxury appliance makers are still doing well, simply because they have gone back to basics, so you can expect to find some solid deals, extended warranties and free delivery on many luxury appliance makers.

2.  Traditional Cabinetry: In southern California, the push into modern, chic and artsy has largely cooled off.  Of course there are homeowners that have the means and the personality for candy red industrial kitchen cabinets, but the majority of request we are seeing at the Signature Design Center still are requesting traditional cabinets for their kitchens.  The difference is not so big in look for the $300,000 condo and the 1.2 million home, but rather in the quality of the cabinet construction.  Many have similar looks, but over time quality has supported the extra cost for those looking for a unique style of cabinetry.

3.  Green is no longer Green, its in demand: Today’s buyers want green features, sure, but with measurable benefits. That means Energy Star appliances and Water Sense-rated plumbing fittings, as well as non-off-gassing finishes combined with good ventilation and air filtration.  In a recent NAHB/Metlife survey, in which 75% of respondents said they would pay more for sustainable features provided there was a tangible return on investment in the form of energy or water savings.  Reclaimed, recycled, and raw materials also remain popular, for reasons aesthetic as much as altruistic. I believe that, Countertops [made of recycled aggregate materials] are number one recycled product in the kitchen. Other eco-favorites include salvaged beams, concrete floors, and concrete block walls, all of which become part of the design statement. Materials used in their raw state tend to cost less and do not produce off-gassing.

As always, if you are looking for help with your kitchen remodeling project in Orange County and you need some insight, call me Fred, “The OC Kitchen Remodeler” at 714.289.2600.