Why Did Expo Design Center Fail?

why expo design center closed

why expo design center closed

I decided to write this article to address the hesitation that many homeowners have expressed in pursuing their home remodeling projects in Orange County. People have asked me, If Home Expo can fail, what makes Signature Design Center different? The answer is simple, I have built a business by not competing on price, but by offering service that is unmatched in all of Southern California. I am not bragging, but I pride myself and teach my employees that without our customer service we would have been out of business years ago.

So after speaking with several clients that have visited our showroom I thought I should share some of my insights as to why Home Depot’s Expo Design Center (in Anaheim and the US) concept did not work and 7,000 hard working Americans lost their job.

I.  Staffers Needed More Education.  When you go to Home Depot you can expect to get reasonable service from their associates.  When you are spending $25 for a gallon of paint, if the representative does not know the entire list of chemicals in the paint, you tend to be more forgiving.  However when you shop at Expo Design Center it is impossible to think that you can sell $75 a gallon paint without having salespeople who are dedicated to understanding and specializing in all things paint. There is a difference.

II. Service is Greater Than Price: My friends that drive expensive cars like the BMW, do not spend $50,000 on a car because it has leather seats, you spend that type of money because you can rest assured that when it needs service, you will have 4 people breaking their backs to ensure that you are satisfied.  The quality of knowledable employees overall shrank over they years at Expo Design Center, and high end clients demand nothing short of the best service.

III.  Prices were too high: Everyone in business needs to make a margin or they would no longer be in business.  But with the rise of the internet and other competition it became increasingly difficult for Expo to make their mortgage/lease payments and pass the costs of their goods onto their clients.  Customers became accustomed to going to Expo Design to test out products and purchase them in other places.   The best margins can only be charged when you have something more than price to compete on.  Again we are back to service.

In conclusion, I will miss the Expo Design Centers of Anaheim and other California locations.  We constantly competed with quotes from their stores to win clients, but mainly because Orange County needs high end options as everyone is not satisfied with selection from Lowes, Ikea and Home Depot.  We are in the business because we have a dedication to serving our clients unlike no other company in Southern California.

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