Back To School: Free Supplies For The Needy

It’s so funny to think that no matter how much one may have attained in life, its only human to think how grand life would be if we only had a little more.  Think about, when you dreamed of your first car your expectations were very modest.  Then when you purchased it, it only took a few months to tell yourself how much happier you would be if you only had… the newer model.  Well I am guilty of that too.  There was a time when I yearned to grow my business to great heights.  Thankfully I had a great mentor that showed me that growth in some ways would mean I would lose control over the detail of my work.

I point this out because there are thousands of families right here in the Orange County that will not be able to provide their kids with the basic necessities that they need to learn.  That is why I, along with a select few of our past clients have come together to help do our small part to alleviate this problem.

If you know of a needy family with school age children 5-18, that need basic school supplies such as a backpack, folders, notepads, pens, pencils, paper and rulers simply forward their names, phone number and school they are attending to and we will get in contact with them to do what we can.   While you may not be able to give, by simply sharing this message with someone that may be in need you are doing your part.   Because if you are unable to help your relatives, the destitute and poor, then at least speak kindly to them… and share what you know.

The Good Lord tells us to Love our Neighbor.

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