One of the Most Expensive Homes in Orange County

Focusing on the Heart of the HomeThe interior of a home in Newport Bay at 18 Harbor Island that just sold for $27 million.

Have you ever taken the time to go to an open house? Maybe even an open house for a new property in a just created development? Everything in these homes is staged just perfectly and all aspects of the home are usually very tastefully done. Nothing is left to chance and it is clear that someone has made the property warm, inviting, and elegant.

I had an opportunity to recently attend a private open house and this was not your average tract home. In fact, it was a $27 million Newport Bay mansion that was absolutely stunning. Sporting 10 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and an incredible 12,600 square feet the place was pure perfection.

This home is what is called French Neoclassic and was located in desirable Newport Bay. One of the top ten priciest homes in Orange County, this waterfront property had amazing views and terrific landscaping including gardens and a great pool. Inside the home the attention to detail was apparent and everything from the formal living space to the oversize garage to the staff quarters was flawlessly designed.

While not many of us can afford a property that size and scale, the overall elegance of such a place can be had in your very own home. If you wish to make your 1,200 square foot bungalow or 2,000 square foot cape cod feel like your very own mansion, the best place the start is in the kitchen.

When they say that the kitchen is the heart of the home, it absolutely rings true. It’s also true that the average homeowner may not have the square footage or capital to create a gourmet kitchen, but it is definitely possible to create that same feeling with a smaller space and tighter budget. Some great choices include granite countertops or maybe a nice travertine floor. Both of these options say “sophistication” to folks, but need not cost a fortune.

Stainless steel appliances also create an upscale feel, but if you can not outfit the entire kitchen at one time then it is best to wait. A lovely stainless steel chef’s range next to a dated and white dishwasher looks out of place and anything but classy. Also a good choice, a new high end sink and faucet can cost well under $500 and adds a very chic touch to your kitchen. Even something as simple as new and shiny hardware on your drawers and cabinets can bring a sparkle to any dulling kitchen.

If you are working with a professional kitchen remodeler, be sure to tell them just what style you are going for and ask that they advise you concerning reasonably priced options. They are the professionals and would be more than happy to share their decades of experience with you in order to create a happy customer.