Reporting For Remodeling Duty Sir!

Like a lot of people, as a father and businessman I work hard and I play hard.  When it comes to work time, though, I have strict expectations for myself and our entire team. A little extra courtesy never hurt and makes customers feel like they are number one. Having that respect returned is great, which is why a recent remodeling job was a joy for the whole crew involved.

We were happily given the opportunity to remodel two bathrooms for the Giovanni family [name altered for privacy], which came in at budget for these folks at right around $26,000. The actual work portion of the job was pretty standard for us; travertine flooring, updated plumbing, cabinets, new shower, shower fixtures, toilet bowl, paint, electrical and more but we knew right away there was a real different feel to this household.  Cooperative kids happily offering a “Yes, sir” or “No, ma‘am” to their parents and a feel of order in the whole house. Even in the middle of home renovations that place ran like a well oiled machine from Camp Pendleton.

Turns out that this was a real military family and they would proudly announced that to anyone that would listen. For all the order and civility that they expected from each other in their home, they expected the exact same from our crew.  Arrive on time? You betcha. Tidy up after yourself? Done. Stay on schedule? Not a problem.  In fact our crew finished these projects in record time for 2010.

Don’t get me wrong, this house was not cold or impersonal by any means. The parents seemed to know that the way to get the most out of their kids was with  rules and guidelines. And honestly, they seemed like a great group of kids.  It was a pleasure to work on this job because the Giovanni family expected from us just what we always expect from ourselves when accepting any new project, from the largest to the smallest. Punctuality, responsibility, commitment and respect is what our company is all about. Just like the Giovanni family who is now enjoying their two brand spanking new bathrooms.

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Here are some of the pics from the project.

tile boxes ready for installation

from delivery to complete installation in 48 hours. the barracks are always neat.

bathroom-laguna-beach-before remodel

Mission: Take this bathroom and make it amazing!

after image of the bathroom

This is the completed version of the bathroom, laguana beach

laguna beach bathroom remodel

laguna beach bathroom remodel, new toilet, bathtub and tiled walls.