Remodel Before Selling: Here’s Why!

luxury homeWe often wonder if it is worth our money to remodel a home that we are just trying to sell anyway. In general though, upgrades to your home will add value and make it to stand out to a prospective buyer as they glance through listing after listing. The current real estate market is still a little sluggish when it comes to people buying homes. In order to have your home considered for purchase, you need to get people’s attention and get them in your home to see it. Remodeling can be just the way to do that. Continue reading


Avoid These Kitchen Design Mistakes

Contemporary kitchen living roomEveryone has an opinion about kitchen remodels. When it comes to remodeling your own, however, be sure to stick with what is right for you. We all have our own ideas of what we want our kitchen to look like, so be sure to stay true to those ideas. Of course, there is room for professional opinions and alternative options, but make sure it is something you love; after all, this is a kitchen you will most likely have for decades. As you get into your remodel, here are a few things to be careful of as you begin work. Continue reading

Why You Need to Refinish Your Floors Now – And Why You Shouldn’t Do It Yourself

Interior empty roomRefinishing your floors will bring your hardwood back to its original luster and beauty. And while it may look and sound easy to do, refinishing hardwood floors is deceptively more complicated. It is important to first determine if your boards are thick enough to have them refinished. If they are at least 1/32 of an inch thick, you’re good to go. But imagine that height; it is not very much, meaning there is little to work with and even less room for error. While it may be tempting to take on this project yourself to save some money, it is always best to have a professional refinish hardwood floors. Continue reading

Bathroom Remodeling Shouldn’t Only Focus on Décor. Think About Mold, Too!

modern bathroom interiorMold growth occurs often in bathrooms because of their moist atmospheres and potential for leaks. As you are thinking of your bathroom remodel ideas, consider incorporating fixtures and materials that deter mold growth to protect your new bathroom and your family’s health. Continue reading

Increase Your Home’s Value Instantly – Install Hardwood Floors

Family room with fireplaceMany homes are being adorned with hardwood floors, whether it is discovered when carpeting is pulled up or installed anew. It is becoming more and more apparent that prospective homeowners desire hardwood floors in their home. Hardwood flooring is easier to take care of than carpeting and looks beautiful when it is kept up well. For these reasons, having hardwood floors in your home will boost the value of your home instantaneously. Continue reading

When Should You Consider Hardwood Floor Refinishing?

家庭If your hardwood floors are starting to look a little worn and banged up, it may be time to refinish them. However, before you start any work, it is important to determine if it is time for hardwood floor resurfacing or hardwood floor refinishing. Continue reading

Time To Refinish Your Wood Floors? Try This Test!

部屋の中にあるソファThe look and feel of quality hardwood floors instantly raises the perceived value of a home. For this reason, it is important to know if and when it is a good time to begin refinishing hardwood floors. It may not always be easy to tell. You may think that because your floor looks scratched and discolored in places that it is time to refinish, but it may be just fine. On the other hand, it may look great, but in reality needs to be refinished. Continue reading